Eco Mission

Eco Mission

Eco Mission

Our mission

At Infopro Digital we are committed to taking a sustainable approach to our end to end event management. We will strive to put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.  

Providing the best experience for our customers whilst maintaining a positive impact on others as well as our environment. 

Our main objective in 2020 is to cease onsite printing at our events.  To reduce the amount of printed branding materials and reuse as much as we can. We will select seasonal and local produce for catering where possible to reduce our carbon footprint. We pledge a zero tolerance to single use plastic at all of our events. 


The Brewery are working to minimise the negative social, environmental and economic impacts of our activities. We will endeavour to look after the Grade II listed building in which our activities take place to pass its legacy to future generations.


Our AV supplier All Safe and Sound are dedicated to lowering their economic impact and as such have implemnted various measure including their fleet of vehicles have all been replaced with vehicles with the latest Euro 6 compliant engines.

They have had all of our lighting converted to LED useage only.

They are basing their set designs and build on more re-useable components that can be used across a range of designs, minimising wastage.

Any excess or re-useable timber is donated to the local allotments.

As a standard  all plastic and paper use-age within the office and where possible on-site is recycled.

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