2021 Sponsors

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IDEX Consulting is an innovative Business Growth Consultancy specialising in the Insurance, Financial Services & Legal sectors across the UK and Internationally. IDEX was originally founded as a specialist Recruitment Consultancy back in 2006, focussing on adding value to our clients through quality service, innovative solutions and a unique methodology.

Since then, we have evolved to offer a range of tailored solutions to assist individual businesses achieve their growth objectives through a combination of Talent Acquisition, Business Acquisition (M&A) and Advisory services, all while standing by our mantra of “Taking pride in making you successful”.

For more information, please visit www.idexconsulting.com

A combination of specialism and expertise has over the course of a century, made Hiscox one of the UK’s leading insurers of higher value homes and their contents. We believe that by specialising, we can provide a superior cover to your clients and have an award winning claims team who will respond to you efficiently if things go wrong.

Home and contents insurance
Hiscox 606 Home insurance policy is a premium home insurance product tailored towards clients who value the personal service and advice available from a broker.

Motor insurance
Hiscox Motor Insurance has been designed specifically for drivers of higher value cars in the UK. We also offer a bespoke policy for classic cars.

Overseas home insurance
We have a wealth of experience in covering both higher value main homes and holiday homes abroad.

Fine art insurance
We've been sharing our clients' passion for fine art and collectibles for more than 40 years and provide bespoke cover for your clients with private collections.

Visit us at the sponsor zone or www.hiscox.co.uk/broker/private-client-insurance

Decision Time delivers better ways to practice good governance and assess, control, and manage risks so you can make the right decisions. We help hundreds of customers across a range of regulated sectors, including financial services, housing, health, education and the public sector. Forget about separate board portals, spreadsheets, risk registers and complicated email chains. Using our secure, simple, integrated cloud software package, you can organise meetings, track objectives and key results, and embed high-quality risk management into your organisation. None of us know what the next significant risk will be, but we can still be prepared and in control.

For over a decade, iprism has been delivering quality insurance solutions to UK brokers. Our highly experienced underwriters work closely with our brokers, treating each case separately and with flexibility. Our Commercial and Private Clients products are all underwritten by UK-based, rated insurers. That, combined with our market knowledge, makes iprism a successful insurance provider.

Zego is a commercial motor insurance provider that powers opportunities for businesses, from fleets of just two vehicles to global enterprises. Its mission is to provide these businesses with insurance they control, saving them both time and money.

The problem that exists is that in an ever-changing world, traditional insurance holds businesses back. Zego, on the other hand, helps businesses to unlock their full potential by putting them in control. Using smart technology and sophisticated data sources, Zego gives businesses the power to monitor and improve their fleet’s performance over time, enabling them to save money by retaining a great price for their cover. It also helps businesses save time, making the administrative side of fleet management easy and the claims process effortless.

Since its inception in 2016, Zego has grown to support hundreds of fleet businesses, and hundreds of thousands of individual vehicles across the UK and Europe. It has also forged partnerships with businesses of all sizes, including BP and Aon.

Zywave leads the insurance tech industry, fueling business growth for our partners with the most expansive portfolio of sales management, client delivery and content solutions tailored specifically to UK brokerages. By offering an all-on-one platform with an online client servicing platform and the most comprehensive content library available, we empower our partners to make smarter business decisions throughout the entire customer lifecycle in service of greater health, wellness and safety.

Founded in 1995, Zywave is now partnering with more than 160 insurance brokers in the UK with 1 in 3 top 100 brokers using Zywave’s solutions.

Learn more about Zywave and our UK product offering: www.zywave.co.uk